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how to write a horror game


  • jumpscare
  • thats it thats all you have to do. you are now a horror genius and a millionaire congratulations 

How to write a horror game that doesn’t suck:

  • Interesting setting and chilling atmosphere to intrigue the player
  • Fitting and effective sound design/soundtrack to heighten the tone and set the player on edge
  • Creepy/disgusting imagery
  • The occasional jump-scare to shake things up


A lot of people are posting about Five Nights at Freddy’s but I think we’re all missing the most fucked up part of this God Forsaken game.  

For 5 nights of work, six hours each, with a job description that basically amounts to “Don’t die at the hands of a bunch of deranged Chuck E Cheese character knock offs” 

They pay you $120

For the most stressful, life-threatening 30 hours of your life

They pay you one hundred and twenty dollars

You are making four dollars an hour

They aren’t really even planning on paying you for your time either, if you think about it, since they don’t think you’ll survive. (The last guy didn’t after all)

If you survive seven nights (6 nights plus custom I believe) you get fired for bull crap reasons so they can hire someone else who’ll die faster.

They’re using the player to appease the demon possessed robots (Or whatever they are) by letting them play with and kill you.


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ah yes. just show attack on titan to my children. my 12 year old children. maybe some boku no pico after that. yes. children’s shows.

Don’t forget that absolutely for all ages Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist! And some Neon Genesis Evangelion, too!

Or Elfen Lied, that’s a GREAT children’s anime.

Monster is the best children’s anime!

What do you mean Dio is a bad childen’s role model?

Don’t forget Corpse Party, based on the popular kids game!

Don’t forget Panty and Stocking, good, clean, wholesome children’s entertainment.


Let us not forget Berserk and Hellsing. What childhood viewing is complete without blood, guts, tits, and demon rape? Amirite?

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